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As a piano teacher, my aim is to transfer to my students the love of music that I have, because everyone can learn to understand and enjoy music. Playing piano is more than just mastering notes. Besides developing solid technique and good playing skills, I challenge my students to take a journey into another place as their music suggests; a fun place, a romantic place, a sad place or a spiritual world! To achieve that, I maintain high standards and pay close and caring attention to my students' steady progress—achieving success, one step at a time.

I offer lessons to students of all ages and levels. Instruction varies with the goals of each student—some wish to participate in standardized curricula that offer periodic testing, others can simply learn beautiful music at their own pace. I closely tailor my teaching according to the learning process of each student.

Lessons are offered in my home studio in Long Grove, Illinois, on various weekdays, mainly after school hours. Adult students’ schedules can be more flexible. Students enjoy instruction on a fine musical instrument, a modern Steinway "B" grand piano. There is also a superb Yamaha upright used for accompanying and ensemble playing.

I've been teaching children and adults for over twenty years in my Long Grove studio and in several college music academies. My university degree is in both piano performance and teaching. I pursued this unique diploma because the art of teaching is related to but separate from the art of performing, especially with young children and beginners.

Please visit the various parts of this website—information, photos of my studio, photos with students and others, recordings—to learn more about my background and the instruction I offer.